The challenge

IstanbulSince the evangelical church in Turkey is still in its first generation there is a serious lack of biblical resources in the Turkish language. Firm Foundation Trust (FFT) helps to support, equip and strengthen Christians in Turkey and elsewhere by enabling the production and publication of Christian books, resources and other Christian media in the Turkish language.

So far FFT has enabled the publication of over 150 titles. These include books such as Peace with God by Billy Graham, The Cross of Christ by John Stott, Introduction to the Old Testament by LaSor, Hubbard and Bush, Introduction to the New Testament by Carson and Moo and Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.

Until recently most books of the Bible did not have one single commentary in Turkish. In order to help Turkish church leaders, Bible teachers and believers to study the Bible more deeply we are involved in an ongoing project to provide a Bible commentary in Turkish for every book in the Bible. To date we have completed commentaries for nearly every book of the Bible.

One of the significant challenges currently facing us is to make our resources available online. This should enable anyone with an internet connection, wherever they are in the world, to be able to benefit from these resources. We have developed a website in Turkish and are in the process of digitalising our resources to enable them to be digitally downloaded.

Local publishing

We assist in making resources available on behalf of other ministry organisations in the Turkish-speaking world. We also help to facilitate the production of Christian titles in Turkish through a publishing house in Istanbul with whom we have a close association.

Sağlam Temel Akademik is an exciting project partnering with Firm Foundation Trust. It provides Christian academic articles and theological videos in the Turkish language. These resources complement the resources provided by Firm Foundation Trust.

Access Sağlam Temel Academic’s resources.


The work of the Trust is entirely funded by churches, individuals and foundations that share our vision. We are very grateful to all who assist us in fulfilling our aim which is: to develop vital biblical resources for the Turkish-speaking church.


FFT is administered by a group of Trustees, some of whom have extensive in-country experience, having lived in Turkey for many years. None of the Trustees receive a salary for the work they do for the Trust. Each gives their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.

Council of Reference

Mr George Verwer
Julyan Lidstone
Rev. Dr. Ian Paul